Angry Birds New Episodes Release Date Confirmed.


The game adaptation of the animated movie “Angry Birds” will launch the episode “Angry Birds: Summer Madness”.¬†The show, co-produced by Netflix and Rovio Entertainment, which created the original game, is a 40-episode, 11-minute episode that will be launched in 2021.

According to the source, the story continues the usual humor and tone in the “Angry Birds” world, telling the three popular birds and a group of new bird friends, Fat, Red, Chuck and Bomb. The story of a summer camp life led by a reassuring eagle consultant.

The Angry Birds 2 movie was released in August 2019, but the box office of this game did not finally reach the level expected by Rovio.¬†According to data from the Deadline website, the “Angry Birds 2” movie earned $16.2 million six days after it was released, accounting for only one-third of the box office of the first film in 2016 during the same period.


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