Apple’s market value falls below $ 1 trillion


Apple’s stock price fell 4.83%, the stock price was reported at $ 218, the total market value fell below $ 1 trillion, and the current market value was reported at more than $ 950 billion. Since October last year, Apple’s market value has been at more than $ 1 trillion.

Apple Stock

On March 17, due to the slump caused by the meltdown of U.S. stocks, the four major U.S. technology stocks-Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google parent company Alphabet-have wiped out $ 1.3 trillion in market value since hitting a closing high in February. In the third fusing of the month / the fourth fusing in history on March 16th, Apple’s stock price fell by 12.46%, and its market value evaporated by 151.6 billion US dollars. In the case of the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Corps lost 150 million iPhones yesterday night.

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