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My name is Anand Shah and I am Student. I have been working with WORDPRESS since I was in Class 7 and Practiced almost everyday for 2 years. Experimenting with Python, Java, CSS, HTML and inhaling wide varieties of potential information while experimenting.. Now I am able to create pretty good WEBSITE. I love helping others and I love to teach WordPress, Java, Python to those who show Interest. I am also good with SEO and I have created plenty of websites. I am not only good with websites. I am also good with hardware of Smartphones and even Android App Developer not a pro but still learning. I can teach you if you wanna learn with your full interest and believe me I am good teacher ? even though I am student. My Goal is simply to help them who can help Hundreds. One can never help millions but one can support hundreds who can help hundreds so it will be easy to reach millions. I believe in Karma Because We Always Get What We Do.