Bitcoin value increasing to $100,000 due to Corona Virus in 2020…..


Bitcoin (BTC) will reach $100,000 and Jamie Dimon will be “asking” the United States Federal Reserve for cash to get a few.

Those were only two of the forecasts from Max Keiser on March 5, as the coronavirus outbreak sees money related markets tumble once more.

Keiser: 2020’s conditions are same as 2008 i.e “part 2 of 2008”

Talking on the most recent release of his RT news magazine, The Keiser Report, the notable Bitcoin advocate said that worldwide frenzy would profoundly affect Bitcoin take-up this year.

2020, he clarified, was “section two of the worldwide budgetary emergency” which initially brought forth the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2009.

“…Now Bitcoin will encounter section two of the worldwide budgetary emergency — it’s as of now near $10,000 a coin,” he told individual moderator Stacey Herbert.

“This is the global financial crisis that will catapult the price to $100,000 and beyond.”

Bitcoin saw losses in line with traditional markets including gold last week but has made increment in recent days.

Jamie Dimon, Peter Schiff to “ask Fed for cash”

Referencing a fantasy which JPMorgan CEO and infamous Bitcoin cynic Jamie Dimon guaranteed he had a month ago, Keiser proceeded with that even he would before long benefit Bitcoin over fiat.

Dimon supposedly imagined that coronavirus tainted participants of the World Economic Forum in Davos. While the unfortunate casualties “spread” the illness a short time later, he seemed cheerful — conceivably wryly — that it had killed the world’s most impressive budgetary figures.

“The main uplifting news from that will be that it may have quite recently killed the tip top,” CNN cited him as saying at that point.

Unexpectedly, it was at Davos in 2018 that Dimon denied to Cointelegraph that he despised Bitcoin.

Keiser in the interim was entirely unconvinced.

“He’s confusing the coronavirus for the Bitcoin infection; something very similar with Peter Schiff,” he clarified.

                       “Their minds are being hacked by the Bitcoin virus. Soon Jamie will be a blathering idiot on the ground begging the Fed for money to buy Bitcoin. He’s going to turn into a kind of street urchin. Same with Peter Schiff.”

Gold bug Schiff likewise proceeds with his analysis of Bitcoin, claiming its cost is set for a selloff because of what he considers as lacking additions this week.


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