Bollywood Actress Karisma Kapoor on iconic Kissing scene with Amir Khan…..

Raja Hindustani Kissing Scene

The making of cinemas makes it the most beautiful. Fans are limited with the certain scenes on the screen, but the stories behind it enriches and makes the film making experience more interesting. And such type of story has also been shared by Karisma Kapoor.

The much loved movie that released in 1996 “Raja Hindustani“, and co-starred Amir Khan in the leading role, Karisma Kapoor revealed the interesting facts about the iconic kiss scene. While the scene was way breaking for a greater number of reasons than one, what went on off camera was absolutely the opposite. Fans found a good pace on the screen, yet behind it, the entertainers were shivering in the freezing cold.

The kiss scene was shot in the month of February in Ooty, and it was way cold all around. Both Karisma and Amir Khan revealed,”They both were eagerly waiting to get over with the scene as it took a total of three days to be a perfectly shoted.

What She Said??

In a interview with film pundit Rajeev Masand, Karisma shared, “We have such huge numbers of memories of that, we have experienced tiring situations. Like individuals say that kiss and all, but what we have experienced a lot during that go for three days.

Reviewing how the shoot completed, the on-screen character (Karsima) stated, “In Ooty, in February… we were like, ki kab khatam ho raha hai ye kiss scene! It was freezing cold with storm fans in February with freezing cold water and we worked in those conditions from 7 till 6 at night, shivering endlessly between the takes. So that was an different era of I think working in those sorts of conditions.

She also talked about her different movies including “Dil Toh Pagal Hai” and uncovered fascinating insights regarding one of the most important scenes highlighting her, the one where she was sitting by the lake and having a heart to heart with Shah Rukh Khan’s character.


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