Every Answer for Covid-19!!!!


Every Answer for Covid-19!!!!

COVID-19 or else known as corona virus has become the serious concern in the major parts of the world.So here are the answers to the important question related to famous COVID-19.

 What is COVID-19 and where it came from?

It is the illness that came from the coronavirus family and was recently encountered in Wuhan,China.Similar to the other diseases of this family,it  also started from the animals. Initially its first victims were either the workers or associated with Huanan seafood market in the center of the Chinese city.

What are the symptoms of these COVID-19?

It simply causes a viral pneumonia with the simple symptoms of cough,fever and the difficulties relating with breathing.Antibiotics are of no use and the drugs against the flu won’t work as it is a viral pneumonia. Only the chances against these diseases depends upon the immune system of the patient.

Can this COVID-19 virus can transmit to person to person?

Simply the answer is yes.It is found that this virus is transmitted from person to person.It is confirmed by the health agencies working in China and transmission is found in other places of the world too.

How many peoples have been found suffering with this diseases?

As it was first traced in  china, the total of more than 80000 people have been found suffering with this virus and more than 40000 people have became successful to recover against this disease and more than 3000 have died due to this virus.globally,more than 89000 have been suffering from this disease and death of 189 people has been confirmed outside the mainland china.

How is it different from other flu ?

simply no one can tell how much dangerous this virus is. It has no vaccine so became more dangerous for those who have weak immunity and has been suffering from the breathing difficulties. unlike other flu, it has the mortality rate of 2% while other have below 1% except the SARS which have the mortality rate of almost 10%.

Should i consult a doctor if i have a flu?

Well the answer requires the answer of the question “is there the outbreak of the corona virus in your region?” If no,that will be the answer of most,so there is no need to worry and no need to be panic. Chances are you are having a simple flu but for your own safety consulting a doctor is not a bad decision.If yes, you must consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Is there a reason to be panic about COVID-19 ?

Well,except for china it is still no a major concern in other parts of the world. Though WHO has announced the outbreak of COVID-19 to be a public emergency in the international arena. Still there is no need to be panic about this virus, as the research is going on and soon the medicine for this virus will be in the market.


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