How to get free Premium Netflix Account?


How to get free Premium Netflix Account?

Hey, there, in this post i am going to tell you the method by which you can get your free premium Netflix account and this method is legit. So, read full procedure detially:

  • First of all you need to download Netflix App or visit
  • Then Click on Register for new account. Click on free premium subscription which will be valid only for 1 months as a trial, form the day of activation.
  • Once you option for activation as a free trial subscription your are good to proceed to further steps.
  • For the completion of subscription of the package, you will need a debit card or a credit card. As no one wants to share their sensitive and original cards details, we should use virtual debit card.

And our need of virtual card will be fulfilled by Zeta App or TMW Wallet App. Just follow the process and install any of the mentioned app, and get a free virtual debit card.

Once you are done creating the Virtual card, revert to the Netflix subscription page and provide your virtual card number, which you just created and you are ready to get a free 1 month Netflix Premium account on the spot.


This trick can be performed several time for registering multiple accounts on Netflix. You must follow the process carefully and accurately to get your Netflix account activated.

You also can use your valid debit card to create a account with free trail for 1 month on Netflix and can cancel the free subscription to avoid the bill. In this way you can enjoy Netflix for a month totally free.


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