iPhone 12 4G to be launched with $549 starting price

iPhone 12 4G to be launched with $549 Starting Price
Credit: @apple_lab

iPhone 12 4G to be launched with $549 Starting Price:

While we all are waiting for the official arrival of the iPhones in 2020, we are getting more specifications of these devices. Many people have a thinking that the iPhones are over priced, which is true too. Lately, when iPhone 11 was launched it was out of the market because of it’s pricing. Then apple applied some price cuts to attract the costumers and sell their device. Then the company launched iPhone SE (2020) which is quite cheaper than other iPhones. Apple has been focusing in the lower priced iPhones this year, so that it could reach more peoples. Now, there are rumours that Apple is going to release iPhone 12 4G version in next year in the month of March.

We also remember that there were some rumours that the iPhone 12 series will include a cheaper 4G iPhone. According to the newly posted tweet from @apple_lab (twitter), the 4G version of the iPhone 12 will be named as iPhone 12e. But it does not look like this is the official name, it might be a name for convenience.

iPhone 12e leaks
Source: @apple_lab

Looking at the reports, this device will have a 5.4- inch and 6.1- inch LCD display panel. Both of these device will support the 4G LTE network, A14 Bionic Chip, 4GB of RAM, and a 12MP dual camera. Regarding the price, the 5.4 inched iPhone costs $549 and 6.1 inched iPhone priced at $649. The starting price $549 appears to be a decent deal incomparision of the last year’s iPhone 11 whose starting price was $699. This implies the iPhone 12 4G is about $150 less expensive than its forerunner.

Sadly, we can not confirm the guarantee of this report. Beside this, there is no affirmation of past leaks from this source that proved to be true. In this manner, it is ideal to think about this data while taking other factors into consideration. It’s just intriguing to see that Apple is putting forth a few attempts to bring down the cost of the iPhone. This has been the desire of many iPhone smartphone user throughout the years.

An ongoing report asserts that the iPhone 12 presently being sealed by Pegatron’s industrial facility and it is accessible in 5G and 4G versions. It is reported for that the staff of some gear producers in the processing plant uncovered: “Pegatron has three iPhone 12 models in sealing, and each model is accessible in 4G and 5G versions”. Some accept that the speed of 5G advancement in nations around the globe isn’t steady, and there is as yet a generally enormous market space for 4G. If there is a critical value distinction between the 4G form and the 5G variant of the iPhone 12 arrangement, it would be a progressively alluring decision for consumers.