Pokemon Stone Dragon 3



Hello Pokefans, Today i’ll Be Showcasing “Pokemon Stone Dragon 3” By Stone Dragon Team. it’s A Completed Pokemon GBA Rom Hack & it Has Been Translated Into English By Raizen & It’s Story Is As Follows

The Story Begins in the Unova Region Where You Play As N & Your Partner Is Ash Ketchum & Your Mission Is To Stop Team Plasma an Evil Organization Who are Causing Chaos In The Unova Region & Also to Become The Champion of The Region

Will You Be Able To Do It? Let’s Find Out!

Now Some Of The Features Of This Game Are Mega Evolution, New Story, Unova Region, Anime Characters & Trainers, Team Plasma, Increased Difficulty & Shiny Rate, Good Graphics, Pokemon from Gen 1-6 & Much More!!

Name: Pokemon Stone Dragon 3
Type: GBA
Progress: Completed
Author: Stone Dragon Team
Translator: @RaizenV
Language: English

🔥Features –
• New Story With Ash Ketchum as the protagonist.
• Unova Region
• Mega Evolution
• Exp Share
• CFRU Engine
• Pokémon From Gen 1-6
• Good Graphics
• DexNav
• Team Plasma
• Your Starter will be a Shiny
• Increased Shiny Rate
• Increased Difficulty
• Fairy Type
• Physical Special/Split
• Much More!