Smartphone With Triple PopUp Camera got Patented

Smartphone With Triple PopUp Camera got Patented

Popular tech website LetsGoDigital has recently published patent images of a android device that has a very interesting design. This design might be soon placed for production in the Wingtech on the request of Xiaomi. The source also listed that Xiaomi produces about 75% of it’s devices with the collaboration of ODM manufacturers.

The images here were produced from the details which was in the databases of the National Intellectual Property Office which is in China and World Intellectual Property Office.

The reported smartphone consists of enclosed display which covers almost all entire front and rear panel of the device. As a matter of fact, the display of device is in “half-folded” state and consists of only three tiny frames i.e. top, bottom, and one side.

There must be the retractable camera so that the screen doesn’t consist any cutouts and holes. And it consists three camera sensors and a small LED flash, which might be used for taking selfies.

The bottom panel of the device consists a power button, a slot for SIM card, a USB Type port and a loudspeaker hole.

Smartphone With Triple PopUp Camera got Patented
Smartphone With Triple PopUp Camera got Patented

There are no any clues about the mass production of this device, but if it is produced in large amount, it definitely will be the centre of attraction in the market.


Measured quality in telephones has so far been restricted to connecting a speaker, charger to a smartphone. Be that as it may, Xiaomi is hoping to take it to a totally different level. It has as of late licensed a presentation that can be separated from the shell of the gadget and most likely utilized remotely.

As the patent, which was identified by LetsGoDigital, has already been published in Chinese Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). It was registered on 31st of March, 2020. Xiaomi recently owns sketches of two part mechanisms along with about 22 resulting images in it.

Talking about the device, it has two parts which contains main “body” part and the separatable “screen” part. The body part looks a bit thicker than the screen part which is a kind of obvious thing. But the interesting this is that it has a full-screen display which does not includes a punch-hole or pop-up camera cutout. The display of device might have it’s own battery but it isn’t clear here.


Smartphone With Triple PopUp Camera got Patented
Source: LetsGoDigital

This causes us to accept that the gadget may wear an under-screen camera arrangement. This is additionally uncovered in the patent as the body without screen shows the double selfie shooters with a greater pattern which could be a LED spotlight.

On the off chance that this ends up being valid, it will be astonishing to perceive how Xiaomi actualizes the usefulness of an electric lamp underneath the screen.

Proceeding onward, the back presentation and the body’s front view in the patent uncovers a couple of connectors each with 10 pins on them. Be that as it may, we don’t have a clue what sort of connector Xiaomi plans to use here to accomplish the particularity.

Aside from this, there is a USB-C port, Speaker and Microphone barbecues at the base. There are volume catches and a force catch to one side. While the SIM card is on the left. The back of the gadget has a triple-camera arrangement vertically stacked with an electric lamp underneath them.

Source: LetsGoDigital