Top 5 Highest paid Wrestlers In The WWE Universe


Here is the list of the top paid wrestling superstars with the latest updates on the salary.

Brock Lesnar

Well the first guess of most us is right. WWE pays the highest salary to the Brock Lesnar. He has tried various of other sports too including the American football and Mixed Martial Arts and even the Ultimate Fighting championship. He is the youngest WWE star to win a WWE championship in 2004. He is the sportsman to hold the WWE championship and UFC championship of the sports company. Due to this he was paid $12 Million dollars in his last contract.So with this income he tops the list with the income to $12 Million.

John Cena

Well recognised not only for the muscles and the WWE titles he is also recognised as versatile and entertaining guy. He is also a movie star as he has worked in various movies like Bumblebee and soon releasing Fast And Furious 9. Cena has won the WWE title 16 times on different occasions.Due to this he receives a total of $8.5 Million this year in his latest contact from the WWE.

RomanĀ Reigns

While having the hype among the fans and due to his successful career in the WWE year.It is of no doubt that Roman is paid a huge salary for his performance in the WWE ring.He has performed in various games and has a career as a American footballer and has played for the Canadian football league too. As he was not much successful in his entire career of the football but he has a great career as a WWE wrestler. So he is paid $5 million for his latest contract due to this he is on the place of third wrestler.

Randy Orton

A great wrestler who came from a group of wrestlers, Randy Orton whose granddad, father and uncle were wrestlers, keeps on carrying on his family’s heritage in a wonderful manner. The top WWE wrestler who has won a few Championship is one of the most generously compensated and top of the line wrestler, known for his quarrels with WWE group, the Shield, just as his adrenaline siphoned pay-per-see Wrestle Mania occasions. Orton who has held the World Heavyweight Championship multiple times and the WWE Championship, on nine events, is paid $4.5 million consistently.

AJ Styles

Before he came in theĀ  WWE scene in 2016, Styles had gained notoriety for himself as probably the best wrestler in the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling presently known as Impact Wrestling. Styles whose interesting wrestling style shot him to noticeable quality earned a few Championship wins, for example, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. In the WWE, Styles has won the WWE Championship and the WWE United States Championship. He gets as much as $3.5 million yearly.


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