Vivo registers a weird Patient of Half Rotatable Screen-Keyboard..

Vivo Foldable Screen Keyboard

Vivo registers a weird Patient of Half Rotatable Screen- Keyboard:

As the patents are registered, it seems that this is one of the most strangest concept. We have also seen some like this before too. However, the patented device by Vivo is very unique for a smartphone. The patented device has a part of display which rotates at the bottom. However, this unique feature will allow users to access the function like typing with keyboard, and also draw on it when it is placed at the other side.

The patent was designed by Vivo on 10th March, at (CNIPA) China’s Intellectual Property Administration. The patent was granted today and was published today i.e July 17, 2020 revealing all of it’s designs in it’s glory.

This device is all good to be a perfect smartphone in 2020. But something is quite unique and is freakishly new in this device and of course it’s the rotating module. But the main topic that remains on the top of discussion, is it’s practical implications. However, the design is pretty appreciable, we all would definitely love to see this device in real.


Looking at the module, the main and rear views of the patent reveals a cutout at the bottom of the device, which means rotating motor along with the help of a motor or sliding mechanism, rotates the display attached to the screen on triggering.

Also, the patent shows the movement of the module in a clockwise direction. But, we cannot be sure if it supports movement in both directions. And, there also no any details if both sides of the rotating module will consist of the display or not.

The patent image also reveals some of the interesting details. Keyboard triggered on the rear part is one of them and the other image reveals that we can take a note on it, by writing numbers over the display.

All of the patented images suggest two possibilities, One is the rotating mechanism which consists of display on the front which can switch between sides. Another is the front end of the display of device when rotated behind, allows the users too use a part of display for typing purpose, sketching etc.


The device is featured with a triple-camera setup on the back along with a vertical strip beside it which could have a LED flash or any other sensor. And the power button is placed to the right and volume up-down button at the left.

And the interesting thing is that the device contains a circular button on the bottom left of the phone, near the rotating mechanism. It might either be an assistant button, camera shutter button , or a button which controls the rotating module. The USB-C charging port and speaker grills are placed at the bottom.

We all know Vivo has never been back in bringing revolution in the smartphone market. The most recent unique feature that has been hitting the smartphone markets slowly, Vivo have emerged with the unique concept again.

Also we know that all the patented smartphones have not been launched, as there arises a lot of problem in making the device fully compatible and durable. But if this device is able to pass those tests along with the durability test, we will be able to see the final design in the future.