Wrestlemania divided into two-night events….


Wrestlemania event is going to have a very unique experience this year. Wrestlemania had never faced such a huge problem till now. WWE would not be so happy to cancel the biggest event of their corporation. So, WWE has end up changing their plans.

Wrestlemania will now be divided into two-night events and will be held in two different locations.

Dave Meltzer discussed about WWE’s plan,during a Wrestling Observer Radio. WWE’s officials are still figuring things out to make their event the best, but to the best of their understanding Wrestlemania is most probable to be held in the Performance Center. They will also be going to other closed-set locations for gimmick matches.

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Splitting the days and the shooting locations will give WWE some advantage when it comes to keep their shoot below fifty people. The CDC suggested that no more that 50 people be in one spot as we practice self-detachment and social separating. There is also the possibility that the Wrestlemania would not be held at any cost.


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